Editorial Policy

Editorial Policy of ICO Summit Kazan

ICO Summit Kazan is dedicated to delivering up-to-the-minute news, insightful analyses, exclusive interviews, and opinion pieces within the realm of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Our goal is to establish ourselves as the primary source of information for all things crypto.

Our Mission

In an industry often plagued by Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt (FUD), ICO Summit Kazan is committed to delving into the core of issues to inform and educate our expanding user base. While we recognize our readers’ reliance on our insights, it is crucial for them to understand that we are not the sole authority on crypto matters. We serve to empower our audience to make informed decisions by providing impartial and accurate reporting, driven by our passion for the industry.

Copyright & Attribution

ICO Summit Kazan upholds the highest journalistic standards, sourcing content primarily from original and authoritative outlets such as Reuters, Bloomberg, CNBC, and Forbes. In cases where another news outlet has covered a topic, due credit is always given to the primary source, ensuring transparency and adherence to ethical practices.

Ethics Policy

Our writers adhere to stringent ethical journalistic guidelines when selecting topics to report on. However, the fast-paced nature of news reporting means that rules are not rigid, and stories may be approached differently based on circumstances. ICO Summit Kazan, being an independent media outlet, ensures that our coverage remains free from personal interests. We strictly prohibit “pay for play” journalism, ensuring writers do not accept any form of payment for covering specific crypto projects or issues.

Fair Reporting

Our content writers are dedicated to fair and balanced reporting, aiming to uncover the depth of every story. While occasionally publishing controversial opinion pieces, we believe in presenting various perspectives. We welcome and consider the other side of the story, fostering a space for diverse viewpoints.

No Crypto Tribalism

ICO Summit Kazan transcends crypto tribalism by covering a diverse range of crypto projects, providing an accurate reflection of the industry’s actual state.

No Fake News

To maintain credibility, our writing team meticulously fact-checks each article before publication. In the rare instance of a mistake, we promptly acknowledge and correct it. Transparency is our priority, and any corrections are explicitly stated in an editor’s note atop the story, extending to our social media platforms.

We Cannot Be Bought

ICO Summit Kazan remains independent and unbiased. We refuse payments from organizations to promote projects, ensuring that our content is driven solely by the best interests of our users. Op-ed articles explicitly represent the author’s opinion.


Acknowledging human fallibility, we encourage our audience to alert us to factual errors. We thoroughly review all alerts and promptly correct any misstated facts, documenting corrections in editor’s notes. Mistakes reported on social media are rectified, and we actively engage with our audience to ensure accurate reporting. To report errors, please contact our management at [email protected], providing a link to the misstated fact and your corrected version, allowing up to 24 hours for verification.

ICO Summit Kazan is committed to transparency, integrity, and the highest standards of journalism in delivering crypto-related content to our readers.